Ronin updates: Pixels’ chapter 2 plus Ragnarok and Wild Forest NFTs sell out

Hitting 1.5 million daily active users earlier in May, Sky Mavis’ Ronin continues to deliver and expand as one of the top gaming blockchains. We have tracked the recent news and forthcoming launches relating to some of the top games within the network.

Currently the most popular blockchain game, social RPG Pixels, has revealed details of its upcoming release of chapter 2, which will change the game, its resource generation, and earning mechanisms significantly.

Going live 17th June, at a quick glance the next iteration will revolve more around skilled gameplay, and a new tiered rewards system means the further players level up, the more PIXEL they can earn. In the next 6-12 months, Pixels is also planning to launch a range of mini-games.

Latest in line to join the Ronin ecosystem, gaming IP Ragnarok, and its forthcoming monster taming MMORPG Ragnarok: Monster World, is currently the most traded NFT collection on Ronin’s Mavis Market. This follows a successful mint earlier this week where the game’s Nyang Kit NFTs minted out in less than a second. As for Ragnarok: Monster World, it’s expected launch is Q3 2024.

Not far off, as the second most traded NFT collection is mobile RTS Wild Forest with its Lords NFTs. A couple of other collections, including Packs, Skins and Units are also available to buy via Sky Mavis’ Marketplace. Wild Forest’s recent mint saw $1 million worth of NFTs selling out in less than a minute. 

Following this, the team has dropped details about what to expect with the official game launch later in June 2024. The two main features include Unit Perks and Arcade mode. Whereas Perks are various abilities which unlock randomly as a unit levels up, Arcade is a new mode aiming to focus on fun gameplay that doesn’t impact ratings or league standings, nor does it require a deck to play. 

Finally, hybrid PC god game Apeiron has started its $1 million Guild Wars 2024 tournament, with the initial guilds battling to secure tournament slots.

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