Apeiron unveils $1 million Apeiron Guild Wars 2024 tournament

Web3 game developer Foonie Magus has unveiled details of its $1 million Apeiron Guild Wars 2024 tournament, its largest tournament to date. While it’s the first time the team is running Apeiron Guild Wars, it plans to make it an annually recurring event.

Apeiron is a hybrid PC god game with roguelite elements and battle arenas, which announced its migration from Polygon to Sky Mavis’ Ronin network in December 2023

In the forthcoming event, players will use their god-battling skills in online tournaments to rank on the Guild PvP leaderboard. Following this, during Q3 2024 the final of Guild Wars is set to be an in-person event hosted in Hong Kong.

Preliminaries will begin online between 21st May-25th June. Guilds will compete for slots in the tournament on a special Guild PvP leaderboard, which will run between 21st May to 2nd July. The SEA Invitational is scheduled between 11th-14th July and the NA Invitational between 18th-21st July.

Following the Invitationals, the top 12 guilds in both regions will be invited to the Apeiron Guild Wars 2024 in-person event. Participants will battle for a place in the semifinals and finals in a double-elimination bracket tournament, with the top four seeded guilds advancing directly to the finals. 

In terms of the $1 million prize pool, it will be split between $500,000 USD and $500,000 worth of NFTs, and be awarded to the top performing players based on how they place in the tournament. 

Both established guilds and other members of the web3 community are invited to participate in the event. 

“At Apeiron, we are not just building a game for casual play; we are fostering a competitive scene with tournaments tailored to all skill levels, aiming to create a strong, community-centric gaming ecosystem. Apeiron Guild Wars 2024 is our way of celebrating this commitment as we gear up toward the official game launch on Google Play and iOS,” commented Foonie Magus CEO Frank Cheng.

You can check out Apeiron’s demo via the Epic Games Store now.

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