Crucible announces new web3 native Emergence Marketplace

Web3 toolkit provider Crucible has announced an extension to its Emergence SDK, with the new Emergence Marketplace being dedicated to bringing 3D game assets on-chain.

Designed for game developers using the Unity and Unreal engines to build 3D worlds and games, Crucible launched its Emergence SDK in collaboration with Open Meta in July 2023. Notable web3 developers using the toolkit to-date include Futureverse and Lamina1.

With the introduction of Emergence Marketplace, Crucible says the focus is expanding beyond just developers however, in that it also provides tools for creators to showcase their work. In addition, the new marketplace will offer utility and rewards to its members. 

Still in development, the marketplace is set for launch in the summer of 2024, but pre-registration has already opened for interested creators and developers. 

“The gaming industry has established a solid, sustainable business model with 3D assets. Almost none of them are on-chain,” said Crucible founder and CEO Ryan Gill. 

“We’ve seen innovation over the past few years in NFT marketplaces, but they haven’t made much progress with 3D. Now, with Emergence, we’re bridging that gap, by building a fully native 3D marketplace that’s on-chain.”

Open Meta’s head of product and technology Aleissia Laidacker added, “It’s really about player choice. It’s about having an avatar, for example, that you can use in any game world. Having an NFT that comes with its own game behaviors and traits. Or having a collectible that has been used across different games, in different battles, where a record of that narrative is saved.” 

Interested developers can pre-register for the Emergence Marketplace here.

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