MetalCore partners up with Portal

On the back of its recent partnership with web3 gaming network Mon Protocol, Studio 369 has now announced a deal with multi-chain gaming hub Portal. 

Currently running early playtests, Studio 369 is looking to bring new players to its PC-based PVP mech shooter MetalCore by easing the onboarding process. To this end, the developer is collaborating with Portal.

Studio 369 CEO Matt Candler commented, “We feel that bringing MetalCore into this fold will enhance the value of both products. This space is going to need AAA titles to support growth, but also the means to connect players and assets. We believe we’re at the cutting edge of building such an ecosystem.”

Another goal of the MetalCore team is to create a player-driven ecosystem based on sustainable and interoperable economies with tokens integrated into the gameplay loop, which lays the foundation for an interconnected gaming token utility.

Portal aims to serve as a central hub for web3 gaming, with features including a wallet, companion app, multi-chain functionality, a launchpad, and a native PORTAL token. Debuting earlier in 2024 at a nominal $2.4 billion valuation, the value of the PORTAL token has since plummeted 77%.

“The team here at Portal knows how important it is to have the most innovative titles available through our platform. We want players to consider us the obvious access point for their favorite web3 games. Partnering with AAA offerings like MetalCore is essential to that vision,” said Justin Taylor, a member of the Portal team.

You can find out more about the development of MetalCore in our recent interview with CTO Dan Nikolaides.

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