Galactic Hubs launches $50,000 grants program to expand Alien Worlds ecosystem

Alien Worlds‘ community initiative Galactic Hubs has launched a new grants program, with up to $50,000, available to developers who integrate their games into the Alien Worlds ecosystem. 

Designed to offer a sustainable business model for developers of both web2 and web3 games, Galactic Hubs reaches out to “indie game developers who are ready to intertwine Alien Worlds’ lore with their gameplay and integrate Alien Worlds NFTs, offering a fresh, creative twist to existing games.”

More particularly, it’s interested in games within genres such as: 

  • Berzerk – where players navigate mazes, outsmart robots, and score points.
  • Endless Runner – players keep running, dodging, and jumping to escape hurdles.
  • Gallery Shooter – where players aim and shoot in fast-paced action scenes.
  • Never Ending Dungeon – players explore dungeons, combat monsters, and discover treasure.
  • Fallout 3 Hacking – word puzzle games where players crack codes within a time limit.
  • Autochess – where players strategize and predict game configurations to witness the outcomes.
  • Tower Defense – games where players strategically build and upgrade towers to defend against enemy waves.

Among some of the benefits for developers choosing to build on and expand the Alien Worlds metaverse is the opportunity to leverage its already existing Trilium token, using it to reward players. In addition, developers can receive Trilium to cover operational costs including server maintenance, content updates, and community management.

New games in the ecosystem will also be listed on Alien Worlds’ games portal.

For more details, visit the Alien Worlds website.

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