CRO-backed Loaded Lions: Mane City tycoon sim launches with $100,000 prize pool

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New tycoon simulator Loaded Lions: Mane City has recently deployed on the Cronos blockchain. Built by crypto trading platform’s gaming team, browser-based Mane City is F2P and enables players to build their own cities, while its NFTs offer a deeper gaming experience through special benefits.

We checked in with the team to learn what makes this tycoon simulator different, its various NFTs, blockchain integration and future plans, among much more. How did the idea for Loaded Lions: Mane City come about?

Inspired by the success and charm of classic games like FarmVille and SimCity, with the engaging mechanics of idle simulator games, Loaded Lions: Mane City was brought to life. The Mane City team recognised the potential in marrying the simplicity and fun of idle games with competitive elements.

As blockchain gaming is an important and developing aspect of the web3 ecosystem, our game empowers players with a level of ownership over their in-game assets, secured by blockchain technology. This integration not only ensures transparency but also transforms gameplay into a thriving and open in-game economy.

The reception since its launch has been beyond our wildest expectations, Loaded Lions: Mane City achieved a top-five spot among blockchain games by trading volume during its first week, according to DappRadar.

How will it be different from other web3 tycoon simulators?

Loaded Lions: Mane City offers a thrilling competitive mode in the form of time-limited seasons. The first season’s prize pool starts at a $100,000, and players’ expertise from mastering the game’s normal mode comes into play. Players start each competitive mode season from scratch, creating as much of a level playing field as possible for all participants.

Unlike many web3 games that launch highly inflationary tokens, Loaded Lions: Mane City has chosen not to introduce a new cryptocurrency. This ensures a stable gaming environment that does not prey on the goodwill of players. Instead, the game generates revenue initially by retaining CRO from Diamond purchases (for competitive mode, there will be a 30% distribution to prize pools) and taking a 15% fee from each transaction in the market.

Also, there are no hidden costs, unlike other web3 games. No token unlocks or inflation are implemented, which creates a dilution cost and is detrimental to token holders.

This approach fosters a healthy and sustainable economy within the game, allowing players to enjoy a fair and enjoyable gaming experience that withstands the test of time. The cut taken is then utilised to fund game operations, improvements, and ecosystem development. This ensures that Loaded Lions: Mane City continues to grow and evolve, providing players with a rich and engaging experience for years to come.

What aspects of the game have blockchain integration and how does this enhance the player experience?

Loaded Lions: Mane City embraces the power of NFTs and their potential to enrich the gaming experience. Owning a Loaded Lions, Cyber Cubs, Land, or Expedition Gear NFT provides exclusive perks such as in-game boosts that can speed up a player’s in-game progression. Additionally, players are able to buy and sell businesses and blueprints within the in-game marketplace with CRO.

Security is our utmost priority in Loaded Lions: Mane City, for both the game and our players. We have taken comprehensive steps to safeguard the integrity of our smart contracts and game logic.

Blockchain integration for Loaded Lions: Mane City allows us to provide utility for our loyal NFT holders while ensuring that their gaming experience is secure. Players enjoy enhanced data encryption, along with fast, cheap, and carbon-neutral transactions compared to other blockchains.

What’s the reason behind the Loaded Lions Cronos migration in 2022, and what are the benefits of deploying Mane City on Cronos?

The Loaded Lions and Cyber Cubs migrated to the Cronos blockchain in 2022 to access greater and more efficient scalability. In addition, it allows for the project to improve our offering for the web3 community at large. Loaded Lions: Mane City is built on Cronos as well.

The Cronos blockchain can seamlessly interoperate with both Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems. It allows for the rapid porting of apps and smart contracts from Ethereum and other EVM-compatible chains.

There are no hidden costs, unlike other web3 games. No token unlocks or inflation are implemented, which creates a dilution cost and is detrimental to token holders.

Mane City Team

Some of its unique benefits include energy efficiency and carbon neutrality, low-priced transactions, and an addressable user base of more than 80 million people worldwide. As for its suitability for blockchain games like Loaded Lions: Mane City, Cronos’s highly affordable transactions (averaging US$0.001 per transaction), fast finality, and high throughput (supporting 50 million transactions per day) make it an incredibly attractive choice for efficient transaction processing and real-time interactions in our gaming applications.

With some NFTs required to play the game, and others providing in-game advantages, can you elaborate on the different NFTs and how they’re more directly integrated with Mane City?

The gate to Loaded Lions: Mane City is fully opened, and no NFTs are required to play the game moving forward. Simply launch the game via our website.

If you are looking for additional perks, you can:

  • Obtain a Mane City Access Pass from any existing Land NFT holder. Players entering the game this way will score a welcome bonus in the form of Diamonds.
  • Own a Loaded Lions, Cyber Cubs, Land and Expedition Gear NFT, which grant you invaluable boosts to speed up in-game progression.
  • The Land – The First Frontier NFTs are the most important digital collectibles for Loaded Lions: Mane City. Each NFT grants you an additional plot of in-game land to build your city on, and passively generates more Diamonds too. The rarer your Land NFT, the more business sites your in-game land has, and the higher your passive Diamond generation rate.
  • Loaded Lions NFTs will grant you a powerful permanent Gold income boost for all your Businesses. These valuable collectibles significantly enhance your earnings, fuelling your progress in the game.
  • The Cyber Cubs NFTs are also designed to provide a permanent Gold income boost to all your Businesses when they are equipped, albeit at a slower rate compared to the Loaded Lions.
  • Expedition Gear backpack NFTs are stackable, with rarer collectibles providing a higher offline income duration boost. This ensures that you continue to generate revenue based on your total income, even when you’re busy with real-world commitments.

What’s your future plans for launch platforms and game distribution?

We will explore the possibility of launching the game on other platforms to ensure players can enjoy playing it on their preferred devices. This also allows us to cater to a broader audience and meet the diverse needs of our community.

To maintain player engagement and attract more new players, we will consistently release game updates and new content to keep the gaming experience fresh and exciting.

What can we expect from Loaded Lions: Mane City in 2024?

We’re committed to continuously enhancing the in-game experience for everyone. Our roadmap places an emphasis on the enhancement of social aspects within the game, a deepening of the complexity of the gameplay, as well as improving the overall player experience to enrich their time spent in Loaded Lions: Mane City. This ensures the game remains dynamic and captivating for every single player.

Cronos’s highly affordable transactions, fast finality, and high throughput make it an incredibly attractive choice for efficient transaction processing and real-time interactions in our gaming applications.

Mane City Team

There is a lot going on behind the scenes, and we don’t want to spill the beans just yet. Stay tuned for more surprises and innovations from us.

Stay up-to-date via the Loaded Lions: Mane City website.

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