The Sandbox – avatar base models and nearly 2,000 assets created for its marketplace

The Sandbox has got its sights set on unification

The Sandbox new wave of updates includes tying together its avatars, world and digital marketplace.

Unification is the name of the game for the development team behind The Sandbox. In its latest series of updates to the platform, this has revolved around its world, avatars, assets and the market where they’ll be bought and sold.

Much like Minecraft has a ‘Steve,’ The Sandbox team have introduced a range of ‘default’ avatar skins.

This gives players a foundation from which they’ll be able to customize their character/s.

And, over time, provide a way to hone their design skills in order to make use of the VoxEditor system.

Along with providing baselines for customization, in-game assets have also undergone verification. This means that any assets found and held in game will immediately be verified within the marketplace. Meaning that the team has successfully linked up assets for both, allowing for one of being rapidly translated to the other.

Find out more about the changes that The Sandbox have made so far right here.

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