9 Lives Arena lets players monetize their items with NFT ‘Blueprints’

9 Lives Arena is giving players the power to craft and monetize their time

The introduction of blueprints into the game provides players with the power to craft unique assets to sell

Blockchain is regarded as disruptive for a reason, promising to decentralize the structure of gaming.

Enjin has been remarkably active in demonstrating this, especially when it comes to NFTs. Among its multiverse of titles, 9 Lives Arena has proposed its own way to allow players to monetize their time.

The title now includes a range of crafting recipes for specific items in the game, which 9 Lives refers to as ‘Blueprints.’

For example, if a player manages to obtain a rare blueprint, they’ll become one of the only users capable of constructing that item. As a result, that user would be able to turn a profit off any items they create.

With only a limited number of these blueprints being sold, as more players enter the game. Recipe owners will become an increasingly exclusive group of crafters and traders.

Unlike ‘Pay to Win’ digital items, these NFTs merely an aesthetic exclusivity as opposed to any statistic advantages.

Find out more about 9 Lives Arena and its blueprint mechanic in the video here.

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