CryptoAssault launched this week and we check out how it’s doing

The battle for resources has begun in CryptoAssault

CryptoAssault has launched this week, starting players off in a battle for resources

CryptoAssault has finally launched this week, giving players the ability to battle for resources in a sprawling map. Developed by the team behind mobile titles like War of Nations and Crime City, this real-time strategy incentivises players to battle over every sector of the map.

For those of you unsure of this mechanic, the map is divided into several sectors, with territory closer to the centre is worth more. Along with occasional random events, like crashing satellites, players can earn a range of resources by being bold in taking ground.

Already, the game has managed to accrue nearly 50 users over this week, with over 148 transactions. This is according to DappRadar at the moment.

Be sure to check out the game by visiting the website here.

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