CryptoAssault unveils its beta on the Rinkeby network

From mainstream strategy, to testing a unique strategy on Rinkeby

From developing strategy games on mobile like War of Nations, Dan Chao and his team have been hard at work. Specifically, their latest game – CryptoAssault – borrows some of the artistic styles of its predecessors while leveraging blockchain.

According to an announcement from the team, the game has officially announced the release of is beta. Currently, the game itself is only available on the Rinkeby network in order to test out its capabilities and stress-test it in the hands of players.

It is a fully open beta, all users need to do is sign in using Metamask and switch to the Rinkeby network.

In order to make a start, however, you need to buy units in order to seize and extract various resources, with those based closer to the center of the map being worth more.

For more information and a chance to try it out, visit the CryptoAssault website.

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