CryptoAssault begins its item pre-sale

Here comes the storm of war.

The high ground is always the best place to be, according to any strategist. With CryptoAssault, we get to see the same mantra being put (partly) on blockchain.

According to the development team, the pre-sale for the game officially begins on December 6th at 12pm (PST).

As a strategic and combat-based MMO, the pre-sale will consist of six packs of randomized units.

This randomized system is also supported by countering mechanics.

According to the game’s head design, Dan Chao, this prevents users from stacking one specific unit type.

Each of these packs begin with a 30% reduction in price. And every two days, the discount drops 1%.

One of the advantages that Ethereum brings for users is that the more time a user holds units, the more effective they are.

This comes into play with the different rings of land that are fought over. Including the Ethereum-filled satellites that crash on the map.

CryptoAssault – Going hybrid

According to Dan Chao, the game began as one based entirely on blockchain initially. While this was the initial plan, Chao explained some of the issues that come with trying to do this.

“When we first started the game, it was initially intended to be on-chain. This began to pose a number of problems; having every move and transaction going on cost money and take time.”

The hybrid model is one that proves effective for gameplay and efficiency for players.

“We were initially apprehensive about taking some of the elements of the game off-chain,” Chao explained.

“It was a worry about at what point a game becomes centralized. But we think we’ve created a great mix of an enjoyable game while having elements on blockchain.”

For more information on CryptoAssault, visit the website.

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