HyperDragons Go! starts off new MIX Airdrop

New MIX airdrop offers players the MIX so long as they have the NFTs

HyperDragons Go! Has started off its new MIX airdrop running from May 9th – 16th

Players of MixMarvel’s HyperDragons Go! have a new MIX airdrop to participate in this week. Starting as of May 9th, users have one week to participate in this new social media drop so long as they hit the criteria.

So how is it that players can get involved in this airdrop?

  1. Log into our official website: https://www.mixmarvel.com and Complete registration
  2. Follow @MIXMARVELGAME on Twitter and leave your Eth and Ont wallet address.
  3. Join our Telegramhttps://t.me/MixMarvelGlobal

From there, the MixMarvel team will take a snapshot of ETH addresses once the airdrop concludes on May 16th.

Here are the specific Dragons players will have to own in order to qualify for this airdrop.

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