POA gives $25,000 grant to geo-location app Geon Network

POA's grant is one of the biggest transactions on Gitcoin so far

Geon Network’s geo-location app is the latest winner of the POA Grant

POA‘s games fund has announced its second winner this week, with a grand prize of $25,000. This initial DAI grant was officially rewarded to the geo-location app – Geon Network. Built on top of iOS and Android, users will be able to visit various locations to obtain rewards.

For the POA team, conferring this grant represented the single biggest payment made through Gitcoin. Geon makes use of the POA Core blockchain in order to keep an active ledger of various ‘Geons.’ These can be placed on the Augmented Reality map, and store varying levels of value.

For more information about the Geon app, visit the website.

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