Decentralized democracy in action – NonFungible token mascot vote

Nonfungible is hosting its own take on a vote

NonFungible is looking for a brand new mascot.

NonFungible is on the look-out for a brand new mascot for the company. Along with being showcased to the entire blockchain community, the winning mascot comes with a prize of 20 ETH. Equalling $3,200, the prize will be meted out in a range of NFTs, from card packs, game assets and more.

To be more specific, this is what NonFungible is looking for in their ideal mascot –

“Design a mascot free for anyone to use and build upon, create a story with the values we embody.”

Along with this simple requirement, the closer competitors can align their mascots to the following values. The more likely they’ll be to win:

  • SHARING — We feel about sharing and helping each other to enhance the whole space
  • USE — We advocate utility before the financial value (reduce speculation)
  • VISION — The teams are deploying incredible imagination to build the vision and potential of a technology that only a small part of the population has heard of to date.

Take part in the democratic process right now by checking the link here.

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