Blockchain Cuties Universe – Koté sells for $48,500

Blockchain Cuties concludes its most expensive auction

Koté, Blockchain Cuties’ mascot, successfully sells for 2 million TRX

Blockchain Cuties Universe kickstarted the introduction of its new land system in style with a very special auction. I’m, of course, referring to the sale of the NFT mascot for the game – Koté – which has since concluded with a big exclamation point.

The mascot has managed to sell for 2 million TRX, or $48,500 USD, helping the developers break ground in a few ways. The first being that this is the biggest sale seen by the ‘Cutineer’ community, but also constitutes its first land sale.

It makes the high price tag all the more understandable when considering the kind of perks this NFT comes with. Having, what the team states, some serious bonuses attached including buffs to:

  • Acquiring resources
  • Researching technologies
  • Gathering armies

Land operates uniquely within the game, with the winner having the ability to vote for and possibly become a king.

So, congratulations to the winner of Koté, we’re excitedly keeping an eye on just how these NFTs operate in the game.

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