Blockchain Cuties Universe – where is the CUTE token heading?

Blockchain Cuties is bringing CUTE to the game in a big way soon

CUTE, having hit HitBTC, has bigger plans in its future according to Blockchain Cuties Universe’s team

A little time has passed since the CUTE token arrived on HitBTC, giving players the chance to buy them up. While it has featured with a significant degree of fanfare, there are still questions about this token. As the Blockchain Cuties Universe team explains, it operates as the game’s native currency.

So what is the fundamental value of these coins? Exclusive assets and trading pairs, for the moment.

“CUTE coins are tokens that you earn by playing Blockchain Cuties. You can use CUTE to buy cuties from Creator and other players as well as to get some exclusive items from the Pawshop.”

Along with this, players had been making extensive use of these tokens on exchanges with the following pairings:


These uses are, right now, the fundamental level of what Blockchain Cuties intends to do with this token. With the introduction of Land mechanics to the ecosystem, this gives the impression that we’ll be seeing more CUTE in features like exploration, warfare and adventuring.

These predictions remain to be substantiated for the time being.

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