SteemMonsters / SplinterLands successfully raises 2.2m TRX

SplinterLands has managed to surpass its soft-cap - reaching 2.2m TRX

While there were some concerns about fundraising through a dedicated crowd-fund, SplinterLands has managed to hit a solid cap

While there were some concerns when it comes to crowdfunding taking place on SEEDGerminator. These can be put aside as SplinterLands, the TRON version of SteemMonsters successfully raised 2.2m TRX.

Equalling approximately $51,000, the crowdfunding campaign successfully surpassed its soft cap target, while falling short of its hard cap. Those involved in the campaign will also have access to exclusive NFTs as it launches on TRON this year.

Be sure to check out the game by visiting the website.

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