Binance Chain and DEX are now supported in Enjin Wallet

Enjin and Binance have put a great deal of emphasis on user security

Enjin has officially announced its support for Binance Chain and DEX

While Enjin places a great level of emphasis on its multiverse and creating an entire ecosystem around it. It isn’t shy when it comes to striking up partnerships and extending the kind of reach its token and users have.


It’s only recently that the team announced a recent partnership with CoinSwitch. It has now teamed up with Binance to provide users access to its dedicated Binance Chain and coin.

Specifically, users will be able to explore the chain and search transactions that take place on the network.

This collaboration also includes the showcasing of Binance’s DEX as well. Meaning that users will soon be able to conduct transactions using its on-chain books, according to its Growth Officer – Ted Lin.

“We are excited to have the support of Enjin Wallet on Binance chain.” Lin explains. “Enjin users will be able to transact from wallet to wallet on Binance’s DEX with full custody over their assets.”

Both ENJ and Binance have security in common, according to Maxim Blagov, who sheds more light on this collaboration.

“We are extremely excited about Binance chain and the levels of adoption, it is likely to bring to the crypto-space.” Blagov continues. “Like Enjin, Binance is a fast-moving, innovation machine – one that we are proud to throw our support behind through this collaboration.”

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