Loom links up with Binance for $10,000 giveaway and exclusive Zombie Battleground card packs

Binance has worked its way onto Loom this week

Loom Network has gained a firm reputation as a highly versatile platform for developers and players. Now, with the inclusion of Binance as a payment method for both parties, Loom is celebrating it in style. How exactly? By introducing a range of promotional Zombie Battleground cards.

While these will only be available for a limited time, some cards carry a great deal of rarity, being valued at 30 BNB ($430).

For those that are remarkably lucky with these limited edition cards, there is an ultra-rare ‘Funds are Safu.’

How it works

Any Zombie Battleground packs which are purchased from this point, will also feature a special collectors edition Binance cards.

Along with these cards, users will also have the chance to win BNB tokens within each pack.

For more information about this promotion, visit the website.


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