Check out some of the racer brands available on Battle Racers

Battle Racers showcases its series of brand vehicles

Are you a Guerilla or a Bolt? Why choose?

While it would be a little more than legally risque to showcase brand name vehicles in your game.

The Battle Racers team has revealed some of its own brand models that players can obtain and build upon.

Each of these brands serves as a good definition of the kind of abilities that they boast on the track.

From durable, military-style tanks, Japanese speedster models, to luxury vehicles.

While these are some of the brands that players can build on top of. Alternatively, players can possibly build their own take on a competition winner.

Those lucky enough to have taken part in the closed multiplayer beta will already be acquainted with these models. So for those newly discovering these car types, you’ll be able to get more comfortable with them as the pre-sale begins.

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