Space Misfits is officially launching alpha on May 25th

Space Misfits' alpha is coming

Space Misfits is not your average space MMO

Space Misfits, as one of the more recent entrants, to the Enjin ecosystem, has hammered out a new release date. For a game that has enjoyed a pretty dramatic series of changes since January this year, it’s come together.

While January was when the team decided to re-configure the title into an interstellar title. It was only in April that it had discovered Enjin and integrating the ERC1155 to create a unique space MMO.

Along with these sudden pivots, the team has announced that the game will be launching its alpha on May 25th. According to the company’s Kickstarter, the alpha was originally scheduled for August 2019. Regardless, it’s always good to hear about games running ahead of schedule.

Space misfits, along with adopting Enjin, is one of the first members of its Spark initiative. Check out some of the footage right here.

For more information on the game, visit the blog here.

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