Enjin’s Spark program launches for a new wave of blockchain game devs

Enjin kicks off the Spark

Enjin’s new Spark program wants to help developers realise their potential.

For any blockchain project, placing your game footage in front of as many people as possible is crucial. This is one of the most immediate benefits provided by the Enjin team. Boasting a user-base of approximately 200,000 through various channels, with its new initiative seeking to appeal to developers.

This initiative is the early adopter’s program known as Spark. According to the team, this latest program aims to provide a greater exclusivity in terms of support for partnered developers.

Part of the Spark – The Benefits

Along with joining a pool of other developers, joiners will be able to benefit from exclusive consultancy time with the Enjin team.

“We’ll answer your questions, assist in blockchain implementation strategy, connect you with our other knowledgeable adopters, and ultimately, help you make the most of our tools.”

Spark provides more than just an influential community, as Spark users get early access to the Enjin Mainnet. Meaning that developers can get a head start on minting exclusive ERC1155 digital assets.

Currently, the members of Enjin’s Spark include The Six Dragons, Forgotten Artifacts, Space Misfits, and Spirit Clash.

In order to participate in the Spark program, developers need to provide three of the following:

  • Fully functional Kovan integration
  • An outline of how you envision Enjin fitting with your game
  • A website

Check out one of the early adopters, Space Misfits right here.

For more information about Spark, visit the website.

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