Kriptomat reveals a new minting portal for ERC1155 assets

Kriptomat has been gamifying the experience of using digital asset exchanges

Kriptomat has made use of ERC1155 token standards for as long as it has partnered with Enjin

The Kriptomat team has steadily been working gamify the experience of its users through Enjin. One of the first methods of doing this was through a range of ERC1155-backed rewards for its community.

This includes the series of founders tokens that were part of an early giveaway as part of this collaboration. Now, with the beginning of this month, the Kriptomat team has announced that it will be taking this gamification further by taking a further leaf from Enjin’s book.

Specifically, the team has introduced its own dedicated minting solution. Meaning that users will be able to back up anything that they own through the blockchain.

Be sure to check out the minting portal via the Kriptomat platform right here.

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