Kriptomat officially joins the multiverse – integrating with its 24 titles

Kriptomat fully enters the multiverse


From having its tokens being shown off in a virtual format within two titles, Kriptomat has fully joined the multiverse. This is according to reports this week that the digital exchange will be supporting the entire library of 24 multiverse-participating titles within Enjin.

For Kriptomat and its users, this partnership provides a wide avenue for holders of its various founder’s tokens. With the news of this full-fledged integration, it’s likely that more titles will be showcasing what these tokens will unlock in each.

Previously,  both Age of Rust and War of Crypto had alluded to how users can put their founder’s tokens to use. The latter of which stated that it would be showcasing this in more detail over the course of this week.

Regardless, the Kriptomat team, as well as Enjin and the multiverse titles, will be striving to allow for integration into the mobile wallet for the exchange’s users. While Kriptomat will be working on the process of integration for each of these titles in the near future.

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