Nifty Football sells 1,000 Genesis cards in just four hours

Nifty Football sells 1,400 NFTs in just 24 hours

Nifty Football has broken its own personal records in its genesis card sale

The team, along with its line-up of exclusive NFT players. Nifty Football will be hosting its head-to-head BrewDog Cup Tournament

Within the first four hours of its launch, the Nifty Football team has managed to sell out of genesis cards.

According to the team, its first 1,000 cards sold with its launch earlier this week will be made into exclusive genesis edition cards.

This would make them immediately identifiable within a users collection. So how long did it take for this amount to be sold? 4 hours and 19 minutes to exact.

Not only is this quite surprising for the team, but in total it’s managed to sell over 1,400 cards so far. To celebrate, the Nifty Football team is giving away a very special NFT.

A very special adopters reward for number 1,500

During this genesis sale, users were rewarded with various kinds of football boots to commemorate the achievement. So what better way to celebrate 1,500 to do very much the same.

“We have credited all the early adopters and awarded special boots. The next milestone in #1500 as we will award a one-of-kind pair boots to this card.”

For more information about Nifty Football, check out the blog post right here.

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