Battle Racers’ pre-sale surpasses $130,000

From a very spirited start

Battle Racers has seen its pre-sale initial success storms ahead with three weeks to go

Battle Racers kicked off its chest pre-sale with nearly 10,000 chests and even more NFTs up for grabs. Its community has given more than its share of approval, allowing the team to raise over 482 ETH. Translating to $130,154, the team has been “absolutely stunned’ by the positive response.

According to the dAppRadar team, while the lesser quality crates have been selling well. The vast majority of players have their eyes on the gold, both figuratively and very literally.

“Obviously, Gold crates also accounted for the largest single slice of revenue — 48% of the total 481.9 ETH.” – Check out their analysis right here.

With the conclusion of its pre-sale, those that managed to participate will have access to an exclusive line of assets. What makes this all the more exclusive is the fact that all assets after the sale that aren’t sold are burnt.

Congratulations to the Battle Racers team for its pre-sale so far. And with three weeks to go, there’s plenty of time to take it further before ending on June 21st.

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