HyperSnakes launches on Ontology

Hypersnakes is launching with a bang

Not one, but five separate events are christening the launch of HyperSnakes

HyperSnakes has announced that it will be launching on ‘leading public chains’ on May 30th. Considering its integration with Ontology and, recently, TRON – the game will be relatively accessible for players.

Players will be able to buy their own battlefield, with earlier buyers earning more benefits for hosting events. For every competitor that joins, owners earn 5% from their entrance fee as a dividend for hosting.


In addition to becoming a battlefield holder, users can stake digital tokens in order to win daily dividends too.

These features place a particular emphasis on getting players to operate as trustees in the game.

The Hypersnakes team is layering its launch thick upon its players, with not one or two, but five events.

All of which will be operating simultaneously, and range from snake championship tournaments, to airdrops and referral contests.

Worldwide competition and HyperDragons

Getting itself started on May 30th, HyperSnakes will be hosting its first live tournament. The top 30 players able to earn the most gold from the daily activity using training mode will win ONG tokens:

1st: 20 ONG

2nd: 15 ONG

3rd: 10 ONG

4th to 9th: 6 ONG/ person

10th to 20th: 4 ONG/ person

21st to 30th: 2 ONG/ person

For those interested in purchasing a battlefield in the game can potentially unlock an exclusive Hyperdragon as well. This is according to the team and it’s cross over campaign –

1) During the event, the first 20 users who purchase the snake battlefields will get a three-skilled HyperDragon after the event has ended. (there is no reward if the player sells the battlefield)

2) Officially select 3 lucky players from the players who purchased the snake battlefield during all events, and the 3 lucky players will win a special species HyperDragon.

For more information about these promotional events, visit the Hypersnakes post.

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