HyperSnakes becomes latest to join TRON Arcade

HyperSnakes is the newest game to hit the [TRON] Arcade

With the conclusion of its pre-registration period on 27th February, the PvP retro hybrid Hypersnakes has an interesting surprise. According to the team, that game will now be the latest to integrate into the TRON Network.

Specifically, the blockchain iteration of Slither.io will also obtain funding from TRON’s accelerator – TRON Arcade.

HyperSnakes works to remove a number of barriers to entry which would otherwise prove prohibitive to conventional gamers.

One of these being that the game offers a fully free-to-play mode, allowing players to compete against opponents, while also earning digital tokens.

The object of the game is to grow to become the longest snake in the arena.

In order to improve the experience for users, the MixMarvel team has also added a number of new power-ups to improve replayability and ramp up the challenge.

Check out the initial trailer for HyperSnakes here

Be sure to pre-register exclusive rewards by visiting the site.

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