B2Expand introduces gamers to its newest title – Light Trail Rush

From the void to the Light Trail Rush

B2Expand, the development studio behind Beyond the Void, has introduced its community to its newest title – Light Trail Rush. According to the team, Light Trail Rush is all about reviving the classic arcade racing experience.

Unlike Beyond the Void, the teams previous game, LTR aims for availability via PC, console and streaming services. While it’s only just introduced its community to the new website, the B2Expand team has been alluding to item interoperability involving this game for some time.

Having created the Nexarium ecosystem, one of the advantages of it was the rapid on-boarding, making it easier for players to get into the game. With easy accessibility, this ecosystem also allows for various NFTs to move easily between affiliated titles.

Being in early stages, will we be seeing some of this interoperability in action in the near future?

Be sure to check out the website to find out more.

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