Forest Knight x EnjinCraft NFT Giveaway

With less than 2 days to act, users better get involved fast

Along with being one of the titles within Enjin’s multiverse. Forest Knight is one of the first titles to provide interoperability for a set of its NFTs within the Enjin Minecraft server – EnjinCraft.

For the moment, these consist strictly of its wooden sword and shield, which have also been on display within Forgotten Artefacts.

To celebrate the arrival of EnjinCraft, however, Forest Knight will be giving away 200 of these to lucky members of the community.

Only running for one week, and with less than a couple of days to go, users need to act fast.

In order to participate and potentially win, those taking part need to provide their dedicated ETH address for their Enjin Wallet.

Find out more about how to enter right here.

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