Decentraland teases at its world explorer beta coming soon

Exploration kicks off on July 8th

With the Decentraland team hosting a number of in-game building events, and pre-sales over the past year and a half. It only makes sense that there would be some excitement over the recent teasing that the team’s done over its upcoming world explorer.

Stephen Zhou’s Archery Simulator demonstrates the innovative approach that Decentraland’s community has shown towards its scene/land building

Not only would this mean that users could design their own slice of virtual life, but that, pretty soon, they can visit it too.

The team is expected to steadily roll out its world explorer as a closed beta. Allowing its team to steadily introduce new avatars along with ironing out any outstanding bugs.

Much akin to what one of its team members argued, it’s understandable that this would be a ‘hard to overstate’ addition. Especially considering just how player-driven it is in terms of wholly new environments and mechanics.

What made it easier was the fact that its community has proven itself tirelessly engaged. And that Decentraland’s team stands by an unwritten ethos of relentless innovation. Having tested out ThreeJs, BabylonJS and Unity3D.

For those looking to get ahead of the [virtual] crowd, create your digital avatars before the beginning of the explorer’s rollout on July 8th.

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