Alterverse starts off its loot crate sale

AlterVerse’s exclusive range of assets are up for grabs in its upcoming sale.

The game is on for AlterVerse fans, as it starts off its loot crate sale this week.

Offering players the opportunity to win a wide range of unique and very rare NFTs backed by ENJ.

Overall, the sale consists of thousands of unique, multiverse-enabled digital assets, with more than 195,000 ENJ backing their value.

These crates are split into two different kinds:

  • Captain’s Crate – worth $25, these contain 2 randomized assets, along with 250 Aces
  • Admiral’s Crate – worth $50, the Admiral’s Crate contains 4 randomized assets and 500 Aces.

Considering the fact that these chests contain wholly random assets, there is every possibility that players can obtain one of three highly exclusive items.

Known as ‘ENJelic’ items, each of these are highly rare skins, and are backed by more than 10,000 ENJ each.

Be sure to check out the marketplace right here.

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