CryptoThrone: Infinite World is due to launch on Ontology

CryptoThrone: Infinite World has already started up its pre-sale ahead of its launch on Ontology

The blockchain-powered community and protocol – MixMarvel – along with the blockchain game service provider, TonArts, have come together to announce the upcoming launch of CyptoThrone: Infinite World.

MixMarvel’s Rocket Protocol dramatically sped up integration time

The blockchain strategy game is expected to release via the Ontology Platform ‘around’ July 10th.

With the choice of words certainly giving the implication that there may be some uncertainty around that launch-date.

The joint announcement by the two companies comes on account of some deeper collaboration between the two companies.

CryptoThrone having made use of a MixMarvel-designed layer-2 solution to integrate with Ontology.

Just how crucial this layer-2 solution proved to be is not to be understated. That’s according to the company duo; both arguing that Rocket Protocol cut down the integration time by as much as 70%.

Preparatory pre-sale

Players can earn dividends on these resource pools during the final stage of the pre-sale

Before the games launch ‘around’ July 10th, its pre-sale has already been kicked into action. This consists of four stages, including airdrops, lucky draws, discounts and resource dividends.

While the first two consist of entering dedicated gift codes and digital tickets to win various ONG and NFT prizes. The latter two are interesting; with a series of discounts on NFT gift packs by as much as 1/3.

Meanwhile, purchasing resource packs allow you to receive dividends from specific resource prize pools.

For more information about the game and its pre-sale, visit the page here.

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