Forgotten Artefacts introduces Enjin-backed ‘Fallen Tablets’ event

These fallen tablets include some pretty interesting prizes

Forgotten Artefacts has introduced the community to the potential of the Enjin multiverse with its new event.

Dubbed the ‘Fallen Tablets’ event, it will require players to collaborate with others in the community. Why exactly? Where these tablets are somewhat better hidden, players will need to work together to find them.

Along with working together to find them, players can also exchange them with others to gain access to what these tablets open.

The treasure itself ranges from Epic to Transcendent level NFTs. With each of these tablets providing opportunities to unlock some high tier loot.

All users will need to do to participate is have an existing account. From there, you just download the latest patch for the game and get started.

Check out the trailer for the event right here.

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