Infinity Bloc applies to be WAX’s first Guild

Infinity Bloc is the latest company to apply to become one of the first 21 Guilds on WAX

With the launch of WAX‘s new and full blockchain onto the mainnet, there have already been new applicants. Specifically, this refers to the digital exchange’s new Guild program, of which there will be a total of 57. Among these is the EOS infrastructure provider based in San Francisco – Infinity Bloc.

This wouldn’t be the first block-based rodeo for the Californian team, however.

Infinity Bloc brings with it a professional pedigree; serving as the block producer for Telos, Worbli, and Ore.

As a result, Infinity Bloc has a good amount of professionalism in its role as a producer. With its inclusion into WAX representing the first NFT marketplace that the team would be working to support.

Additionally, the team appears to be making a concerted effort to better educate its community on just how WAX’s ecosystem operates.

About WAX’s Guild System

When it comes to operating as a supporting entity to a blockchain; whether that’s a validator, Super Representative or Guild, they have their incentives.

There are some considerable incentives for companies to work with the likes of WAX. One of these being the share that these first 21 block creators obtain of the existing reward pool.

This, of course, stands at approximately 60%, so there’s every incentive to be one of the pioneering first Guilds.

For more information, visit the WAX website.

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