Blockchain Gamer Connects Hong Kong Track Rundown – Link to the Future

Check out just one of the tracks for day 2 of Blockchain Gamer Connects Hong Kong right here!

It’s now only a matter of two weeks before the beginning of Blockchain Gamer Connects Hong Kong! So, with time counting down, we’re taking the time to give you a more comprehensive run-down of what’s going on.

As you may not know about this conference compared to others is that blockchain stand’s proud as one of the front-runners!

What does this mean? It means that the number of tracks stands, not at four, but SEVEN.

Whether you’re looking for some real use-cases in the world of blockchain gaming, or some comprehensive advice about getting started.

Chances are that there’s a track for that – or some like-minded developers coming along to talk about it.

Coming into the second day of the conference and its grand finale – Link to the Future

Thursday, 18th July

4:00-4:20pm – Alex Casassovici of Azarus

Session: Putting the Players in Charge with Blockchain

Blockchain promises and delivers to players, a greater degree of control of their game. Where we see this on occasion is from the world of game streaming. As a result, who better to find out more about player autonomy than from Alex Casassovici, the CEO and Co-founder of Azarus.

4:20-4:40pm – Justin Park of Metadium

Session: Reshaping the Gaming Industry via Decentralized Identity

One common misconception in the gaming industry is a belief that gamers have ownership of their in-game identities or IDs.

This session will explore what true ownership of in-game identity means and how true ownership will reshape the gaming industry utilising the decentralized identity infrastructure.

4:40-5:00pm – Ethan Kim of Hashed Labs

Session: Why Blockchain Games are Attractive

To make a strong and sound blockchain ecosystem, applications and killer contents are important to attain mass user adoption.

Historically, games are one of the most attractive applications to customers. In this session, Ethan will talk about the current fast-growing blockchain game market, why it’s attractive and important in the blockchain ecosystem.

5:00-5:40pm – Panel Discussion

Blockchain Games – What’s Next?

Moderator – Oscar Clark

Kyle Lu Founder & CEO

Doo Wan Nam Korea Lead MakerDao

Shane Zhu Co-founder & General Manager Blok Party

Pavel Bains CEO Bluzelle

Keyvan Peymani Executive Chairman Versus Systems

There’s more investment, more blockchains, more blockchain games, more interest… Everything currently looks rosy in the world of blockchain games, but what should we be looking out for in the second half of 2019 in terms of KPIs and sector success? What are the main obstacles? What are the unknown unknowns we should be worried out?

Join us at Blockchain Games Connects Hong Kong – 17-18 July 2019.

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