Check out the latest footage from Ember Sword

From an expansive world to intuitive, fluid combat mechanics.

It’s been a particularly impressive last few months for those keeping an eye on the So Couch Studios team. Having begun 2019 seeking out capital investment for its PC title – Ember Sword – it continues to impress in the visuals department.

Placing a special emphasis on a compelling storyline, well-polished visuals and art, along with some very tight looking mechanics. The team has capitalized on the last few months in earnest it seems. Not content to just be busy behind the scenes, we get to see some in-game footage from an early iteration of the game.

While combat was the primary focus in the video, along with demonstrating some impressive combat mechanics. A great degree of attention has been put into world-building and detail for the various places you’ll visit.

Be sure to check out the Ember Sword website too.

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