Blockchain Cuties Universe Introduces players to resources

Any Real Time Strategy has got to come with resources

Anybody that’s played a real-time strategy like Age of Empires will know the value of in-game resources. Blockchain Cuties Universe, for example, has showcased just how its resources will factor into War of Cutieland.

With each territory owned by a player, these possess regions with the probability of containing a specific resource. For example, there may be some kind of quarry or forest with high chances of generating some of these resources. To summarize, these include:

  • Wood
  • Food
  • Stone
  • Titanium

Blockchain Cuties

Much like other games, you need corresponding buildings in order to extract and store these resources.

Each tile that contains resources levels with use; reaching a ceiling of 10, each increasing your capacity for storing them.

Along with having separate classifications of cuties for governing, leading and fighting.

Players will need to consider which of their cuties are best suited to these various roles. Picking well will allow you to obtain more resources and faster.

Lastly, each of these buildings carry an elemental bonus for players:

  • Water — increased production cap for Farm (0.5% per point in element)
  • Earth — increased production cap for Lumber Mill (0.5% per point in element)
  • Water — increased production cap for Quarry (0.5% per point in element)
  • Fire — increased production cap for Titanium Mine (0.5% per point in element)

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