Taurion releases trailer and details of its $6,400 treasure hunt competition

It’s been an interesting road for the Taurion team these past few months. But it’s all work towards the launch of a real-time strategy game that takes inspiration from some of the classics.

This week, we get the chance to see one of the first trailers coming from the team. Made all the more interesting considering it was preceded by a lot of in-game footage and technical details.

Check out the trailer right here.

Game on for Taurion treasure hunt

With this new tech demo being put into the hands of users. The Taurion team will be hosting a competition/treasure hunt with a range of cash prizes totalling $6,400 and some exclusive in-game assets.

Here are some more details from the team:

– All cash prizes are paid out in BTC or ETH.

– We’ve partnered up with Soccer Manager to include shares in the soccer clubs amongst the prizes.

– The competition is provably fair. All code is open-source and transparent.

– The game world is completely decentralised and autonomous and the prizes are won in a provably fair way (no one can cheat).

The competition kicks off on September 6th and you can sign up by visiting the link here.

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