First Cheeze Wizards’ tournament gears up for action from 14 October

Summon, battle and collect ETH

Despite Cheeze Wizards’ successful pre-sale, Dapper Labs was notably quiet about when its battle royale game would actually launch.

But now we have the all-important date; Monday 14 October.

The first tournament will kick off with The Gathering, in which players can summon more Wizards, with a cut from each transaction added to the competition prize pool.

Currently that stands at 600 ETH (over $125,000 at current prices).

One week later, the next phase of the tournament – called The Beat and Greet – starts, when you can start practising duels with your Wizards.

Two weeks later, it’s time for the Championship – the business end of the tournament. Players will duel until only one Wizard remains to collect the loot.

You can read more details about how everything will play out on Dapper Labs’ Medium.

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