The Sandbox launches its Dashboard as it preps for SAND token sale

First steps in an ambitious launch sequence

Things are gearing up for The Sandbox – many people’s most anticipated blockchain game.

It’s just released the first version of its Dashboard, which is its hub for many of the meta-level elements for this user-generated content platform.

Most obvious is the marketplace where players can buy in-game items and creators can sell them.

Creation occurs in a standalone package called VoxEdit. You can access an alpha version of it here.

The starting point for more

Other elements in the current version of the Dashboard – which is running in a centralized mode, so doesn’t include any blockchain functionality yet – are details of the forthcoming LAND sale.

This is the process by which sandbox environments can be bought – there will be a limited supply of 166,464 units – includes The Sandbox’s ERC20 token SAND.

The first token sale will happen through the Dashboard and you can sign up for more details when they become available.

Check out The Sandbox via its website. Create an account and log in to find the Dashboard. 

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