Japan 2019 Edition F1 Delta Time NFT sells for $16,500

Ogasahara finally wins an auction

The fourth special NFT for F1 Delta Time – Japan 2019 Edition – has sold at auction for 91.51 ETH (around $16,5000).

The auction process was busy, with over 50 bids made until user ‘ogasahara’ won.

Interestingly, ogasahara had previously been a very active participant in previous auctions, only just losing out in the previous two events.

And given they are likely to be Japanese – at least, as suggested by the username and NFTs held in their wallet – the vehicle’s theme may have been the clincher.

The winning bid is the lowest for the four F1 Delta Time auctions to be held, however.

The 1-1-1 vehicle sold for 415.9 ETH.

The Monaco Edition sold for 108 ETH

The France Edition sold for 96.6 ETH

You can read more about how the previous three auctions played out in this Medium article

As for the game itself, it’s currently due for release in early 2020. 

You can find out more at the F1 Delta Time website

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