Looks like EOS Knights reboot Knight Story is also coming to Ethereum

Website live and supporter’s NFT badge on sale

After generating plenty of headlines recently, EOS Knights developer Biscuit has launched a website for its forthcoming game Knight Story.

Notably this does not specifically detail what blockchains it will be supporting.

But, from previous news, we expect TRON and Klaytn, plus there’s the expectation the game will also work on EOS, perhaps as an update to EOS Knights.

What is more interesting, however, is Biscuit has also launched a supporter program including Ethereum-based supporter’s badge NFTs.

On that basis, we assume Knight Story will also be available on Ethereum.

You can also sign up with your email to get some ‘magic beans’ – which we assume are an in-game currency – when the game launches.

As with EOS Knights, Knight Story will be a mobile idle RPG distributed via the Apple App Store, Google Play and Android APK.

You can check it all out – including a teaser video – via the website

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