Get down to business with all the tracks at Blockchain Gamer LIVE! London 2020

Discover the basics of blockchain gaming, the ins and outs of NFTs, and what the future will bring to blockchain

There are only a couple of weeks to go until Blockchain Gamer LIVE! lands in London (January 20th and 21st), so the time’s ripe for a rundown of the four packed tracks.

From blockchain basics to NFTs and beyond, Blockchain Gamer LIVE! will provide you with practical tips, expert insight, and everything you need to know about the current market… and the future of the blockchain games industry.

January 21st

Blockchain Basics

10:00: DappRadar’s Jon Jordan commences the day with a session which looks back over all the data that characterised the blockchain gaming sector in 2019 while using it as the basis the predict the trends that will drive the industry forward in 2020.

10:40: Next,’s Alun Evans discusses how the “sharing economy” has revolutionised various sectors by empowering people to monetise their time and possessions.

11:00: Gerbert Vandenberghe of Arkane Network follows with a session on the benefits of tokenisation of in-game items to game studios.

Game Maker Sessions

11:40: Blockchain Cuties’ Vladimir Tomko details how Blockchain Cuties is growing up as a company, from collectibles to land.

12:00: Uplandme’s Dirk Lueth follows with a session on play-to-own and what true ownership means for the future of games.

12:20: Grand Casino Bern’s Nicolas Sierro gives you the lowdown on token characteristics for gaming assets.


14:00: Dive into the world of NFTs with Animoca Brands’ Robby Yung, as he discusses how leveraging collectibles can help build a sustainable ecosystem of content ownership.

14:20: Hear Reality Clash’s Tony Pearce present why NFTs are the next generation of in-game items and how tokenised items rapped in a smart contract and logged on the blockchain will be a game-changer.

14:40: Get an understanding of what WAX Tokens are and how they work with WAX’s William Quigley.

15:00: Look at NFTs past, present and future with Valerian Capital’s Alex Amsel, Reality Clash’s Tony Pearce and Pixowl’s Sebastien Borget on this expert panel.

Blockchain Realities

15:40: Deckbound’s Gareth Jenkins presents a description of player service economies while including examples and demonstrations of inter-player service mechanics backed by cryptocurrency payments and digital items.

16:00: Dapper Labs’ Caty Tedman looks at blockchain for entertainment, and how it is growing with more entrants than ever into the gaming space, while also suggesting how mobile and traditional gaming companies can stay on top of the trend.

16:20: Get an insight into building a mainstream game with Blockade Games’ Benjamin Heidorn, as he dives into the exact mechanics of what they have built to support their games, and how other developers can adopt similar techniques.

16:40: Wrap up our Blockchain Realities track with a panel featuring BAME in Games’ Kish Hirani, Uplandme’s Dirk Lueth, Blockade Games’ Benjamin Heidorn and Block Bastards’ João Abrantes as they look at the future of blockchain and the challenges ahead.

Three jam-packed events

Wow, that’s a LOT to see at Blockchain Gamer LIVE! But it’s just a taste of what we have to offer, as Blockchain Gamer LIVE! is joined by partner events Pocket Gamer Connects and Big Screen Gaming in London. 

Check out the full 25-track conference schedule to see the full range of impressive speakers attending. Remember all these speakers, and the people who have come to see them, will be available to meet through the free Pitch & Match meeting system. 

Like what you see? Then make sure you book your tickets for Blockchain Gamer LIVE now!

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