Popular TCG Splinterlands launches on WAX blockchain

Originally launched as Steem Monsters on the Steem blockchain, the renamed Splinterlands is now also live on the WAX blockchain

Splinterlands is a browser-based trading card game, in which card ownership is secured on the blockchain. It also has a non-crypto in-game currency and a cryptocurrency called DEC (Dark Energy Crystals). 

What’s also great about Splinterlands, however, is you don’t need to own any cards in order to play so in that respect it’s free-to-play. 

This is one reason why the game has proved very popular with over 25,000 registered players and around 4,000 daily players claimed. 

The gameplay is super simple and quick too.

And because of the way account creation works on the Steem blockchain, registration is very easy.

This process is very similar on WAX, which thanks to its cloud-based All Access account, just requires email and password, or you can log in via social media accounts. 

You can check out Splinterlands on Steem here and Splinterlands on WAX here

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