CryptoKaiju launches The Sandbox-compatible physical Dogejira NFT

Following on from its CryptoKitties tie-in, CryptoKaiju is back with a 6-inch articulated Dogejira physical figurine and NFT..

There are 200 units available for pre-order with the first 50 orders getting a gold collar variant. Shipping is expected in June. 

As with all CryptoKaijus, the physical object is matched by an Ethereum-based NFT with authentication between the two handled via an NFC tag. 

For the first time, however, the Dogejira will also unlock a special character in The Sandbox virtual world. 

Indeed, CryptoKaiju plans to retrofit this ability to all previous releases, also extending its in-game features to Cryptovoxels. It will also start selling exclusive digital wearables for characters in The Sandbox.

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