DMarket adds Steam integration

Game item exchange hits v2

Blockchain-based in-game asset market DMarket has announced the beta release of its v2.0 product.

The key feature for this release is Steam integration, which will enable users to trade and exchange their Steam-held assets.

Now the team is focused on completing our SDK for Unity, improving blockchain functionality, and more

Vlad Panchenko DMarket CEO

This will also enable users of DMarket’s non-blockchain game item exchange Skins.Cash to migrate to the site.

More to come

“The launch of marketplace version 2.0 will definitely attract more users to the platform as it provides new convenient and transparent monetization models,” commented CEO Vlad Panchenko.

“Now the team is focused on adding new features to the marketplace, completing our SDK for Unity games integration, improving blockchain functionality, and more.”

Other new features include an upgraded version of the Blockchain Explorer with added cold wallet functionality.

The DMarket launched in October 2017, with over 486,000 DMT (around $150,000) traded to-date.

Source DMarket

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