Enjin Introduces JumpNet Smart Contracts

With the successful launch of its Ethereum-based scaling solution JumpNet, Enjin has introduced its community to JumpNet Smart Contracts.

With their introduction, Enjin aims to give developers the power to create their own functioning economies, pointing to the likes of Axie Infinity as the model example.

JumpNet smart contracts will enable economically-minded game and app developers who aspire to build the next Axie Infinity to launch their own ERC-20 tokens, create robust marketplaces, and implement unique minting mechanics.

Enjin Team

While the inclusion of smart contracts seems more like a when, not if, inclusion to JumpNet, it represents an answer to the twin questions of:

  • Ethereum’s longer-term scalability
  • Carbon neutrality / sustainability

JumpNet: Enjin’s Answer to Ethereum Scaling

JumpNet offers devs a solution to both the struggle of scale and sustainability on Ethereum.

While improved UI and ease of use is always welcome, JumpNet is a clear answer to the twinned issues of scale and sustainability. With the rise of NFTs and DeFi in the broader Ethereum ecosystem, “apps that offered free non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were the first to grind to a halt.”

As more users took to Ethereum, gas fees exploded. Blockchain games, already reliant on transactions for their underlying mechanics, were inevitably hit.

The Enjin team pushes this further by raising the environmental implications of ETH’s struggle with scale:

“At the time, Ethereum was generating 13 million tons of carbon per year, a number that has more than doubled in the last two months.”

With JumpNet and its smart contracts, developers will now be able to deploy smart contracts and mint new NFTs through its ecosystem, using the ENJ token to mint and conduct transactions.

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