NFT marketplace Quidd raises $5 million from token sale

Animoca Brand’s subsidiary and digital collectables company Quidd has announced that it’s raised $5 million via a pre-sale, private sale, and IDO of its $QUIDD token

The most successful of these three was its private sale, which brought in $4 million, thanks to investment from the Binance Smart Chain Growth Fund, Genesis Block Ventures, and Kingsway, among others.

Operating as the native token of its NFT marketplace, enabling users to buy and sell rare, individually-serialised collectables.

Being available through several avenues of purchase is just one of the reasons for Quidd’s success. Since its conception, the team placed a premium on a highly intuitive, easy-to-understand interface for users.

To date, Quidd serves 7 million collectors of limited-edition digital goods, stores more than 2.1 billion pieces of serialized digital artworks, and facilitates at least 6 transactions per second in its secondary marketplace.

Its platform also boasts unique digital art from over 325 brands, including Disney, Game of Thrones, and Rick and Morty.

With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, $QUIDD has the added advantage of being an increasingly chain-agnostic ecosystem and token. Doing so provides users with a glimpse into what Animoca Brands’ Yat Siu regards as the broader evolution of digital collectables.

“Quidd and the QUIDD token represent an important effort here at Animoca Brands: the evolution of collectibles into digital formats. Quidd has pioneered digital collectibles since 2016, long before the rise of NFTs. The physical trading card market will be worth nearly $100 billion by 2027, and Quidd is not only taking this massive market into the digital realm but also putting it on blockchain to guarantee true property rights and scarcity for the new era of collecting.”

Yat Siu – Executive Chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands.

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