Zebedee teams up with Viker to take add bitcoin payments to mobile games

The leading fintech for gaming on Bitcoin, ZEBEDEE is bringing blockchain gaming mainstream as it partners with mobile gaming publisher – Viker. With its own existing library of mobile and trivia games, the partnership puts both blockchain and bitcoin into the hands of its vast population of mobile gamers.

Having already collaborated with ZEBEDEE in the past; launching 3 games that leverage the company’s fast payment solution, the partnership will see two further games launched by late-2021.

Viker’s Co-Founder, Dan Beasley, laid out the teams desire to take play-to-earn global. “Our goal is to bring blockchain gaming to the masses. If you’ve got a finger and a phone, you can play2earn with Viker games. ZEBEDEE is perfect for that, because it’s a simple and intuitive entry path into the world of crypto.”

For developers and players alike, some of the hardest challenges are making blockchain and play-to-earn more accessible. Accessibility is especially vital for the mobile gaming industry. With a global player-base of 2.6bn mobile gamers, games need to be intuitive, with blockchain-based P2E being more accessible.

This pressing need for removing the friction of blockchain within gaming is exactly why ZEBEDEE saw Viker as a strong partner for bringing it to gamers.

Simon Cowell, the CEO of ZEBEDEE: “We’re bypassing the hard part for gamers and setting them up with everything they need to enter the world of Bitcoin by enjoying their favorite pastime—and we’re making games more fun and exciting with rewards that have real value.”

For more information about Zebedee and Viker, visit their respective websites.

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